Middlesex University


Nasreen Hammond – KSS
Domain 1, PROFESSIONALISM – Identify and behave as a professional social worker, committed to professional development


Domain 2, VALUES AND ETHICS – Apply social work ethical principles and values to guide professional practice


Domain 3, DIVERSITY – Recognise diversity and apply anti-discriminatory and anti-oppressive principles in practice


Domain 4, RIGHTS, JUSTICE AND ECONOMIC WELLBEING – Advance human rights and promote social justice and economic wellbeing. COMING SOON


Domain 5, KNOWLEDGE – Apply knowledge of social sciences, law and social work practice theory


Domain 6, CRITICAL REFLECTION AND ANALYSIS Apply critical reflection and analysis to inform and provide a rationale for professional decision-making


Domain 7, INTERVENTION AND SKILLS Use judgement and authority to intervene with individuals, families and communities to promote independence, provide support and prevent harm, neglect and abuse


Domain 8, CONTEXTS AND ORGANISATIONS Engage with, inform, and adapt to changing contexts that shape practice. Operate effectively within own organisational frameworks and contribute to the development of services and organisations. Operate effectively within multi-agency and inter-professional settings


Domain 9, PROFESSIONAL LEADERSHIP – Take responsibility for the professional learning and development of others through supervision, mentoring, assessing, research, teaching, leadership and management