Middlesex University

Practice Educator Courses

CPD/PQ Programme Leader – Diane Apeah-Kubi



Middlesex University delivers practice educator training at Stage 1 and Stage 2. Both modules run in the same academic year facilitating social workers completion of  Stage 1 in the first semester before moving to Stage 2 in semester two. Both modules have been aligned to ensure compliance with the Practice Educator Professional Standards (PEPS) introduced by the Social Work Reform Board (SWRB) and The College of Social Work (TCSW).


Practice Educator (Stage 1)

SWK 4011 14-Sep-17 21-Sep-17 05-Oct-17 12-Oct-17 26-Oct-17 16-Nov-17


Practice Educator (Stage 2)

SWK 4420 11-Jan-18 18-Jan-18 08-Feb-18 22-Feb-18 08-Mar-18


Successful completion of both modules results in candidates achieving Stage 2 of the Practice Educator Professional Standards. These modules give social workers studying in this area the opportunity to enhance and consolidate their skills in supervising, teaching, mentoring, coaching and assessing social work students. Teaching is delivered in full day workshops throughout the academic year.